Daily Health Tips: Toilet Infection…seriously???

Q: Doc, what drugs would you recommend for the permanent cure of toilet infections?


Q: Dr. please how can one effectively treat toilet infection..,candida to be precise? I’ve tried using injections, drugs, all to no avail. Also what are the preventive measures? Thanks

A: This entity called toilet disease is a well-known one, especially in Nigeria, but does not exist anywhere except in our imaginations 😀 Seriously!!! I would love to meet that person who caught a Sexually Transmitted Infection from a toilet seat. The reasons are 1) these infections hardly survive for long outside of the human body and 2) the cold and hard toilet seat is not a great medium for the germs to really grown and multiply. They are also not found in urine. Theoretically, if this is deposited on the toilet seat and one sits down on it immediately and this person has cuts and abrasions on their buttocks, perhaps this can happen. But the odds of this ever happening…

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