Daily Health Tips: Does Green Tea Have After-Effects?

Q: Hello Dr does regular intake of green tea have after effect ?

A: A lot has been said about green tea that it is surprising most people don’t have trees of the stuff (do they grown on trees?! :D) in their backyards. it is also quite fashionable now to ask for only green tea whenever you are offered tea anywhere or mention casually that you only do green tea! 😀

What’s so fascinating about this tea? Lots of people like green tea for different reasons. Some because they like everything herbal. It is believed that anything herbal is generally healthier 😀 Others like green tea because it is thought to speed up metabolism which in turn can help weight loss. It’s also touted to have beneficial effects on blood pressure, blood sugar levels and Alzheimer’s disease. These health effects (which I hasten to add are not entirely conclusive) are thought to be due to the presence of the anti-oxidants that help fight cell damage as in cancer. Some claim that green tea helps conception. There’s no evidence to that effect.

However, in excessive amounts, green tea can cause the same symptoms as excessive caffeine in the body and this includes diarrhoea, irritability, nervousness, rapid heart beat etc.

For more on the effects of caffeine on the body, please click on: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/01/17/daily-health-tips-coffee-energy-drinks-et-al/

So, on the average, just like for coffee, 2 ‘dainty’ 😀 cups are fine per day. More than that, you could be opening up yourself to other health issues. Most green teas contain less caffeine than black tea and coffee. Where in doubt, especially when trying to conceive, please see your doctor.

I conclude by saying that green tea is not a short cut. If you want to lose weight sustainably, you have to work for it (healthy meals and physical activities). The focus should always be on living healthy than a fad diet to quickly lose weight and just as quickly, gain it all back 😀 No pain, no gain, people 😀

Have a great night and if you’re in Nigeria, enjoy your extra holiday tomorrow! 😀

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