Daily Health Tips: Should A Pregnant Woman Fast?

Q: Good morning Dr, I missed my monthly period. I think I am pregnant lolzz (Happy me). I need your advice. Please, my church is embarking on 10 days praying and fasting. Should I fast? If yes, what time should I break my fasting? When is the right time to run a Pregnancy test?

A: Congratulations!!! 😉 I join my faith with yours and…..fingers crossed!

Should you fast? There is contradicting medical evidence as to how safe (or not) it is to fast while pregnant especially during the first trimester. So, this is a question I believe you should ask your doctor who has your medical history and is better able to speak to how you can/will cope or not.

Generally, during a fast, the body truly enters a fasting mode after it has absorbed the nutrients from the last meal. This takes about 8 hours. Its next source of energy is the glucose in the liver and muscles. If fasting continues, then it moves to the next source…which is fat. After it has depleted this source, then it goes into real starvation mode and begins to break down proteins!

I presume that you will be breaking your fast daily and so you will hardly be candidate for the starvation mode! Let your doctor guide you on the issue of whether or not to fast and how many hours to do so, if you participate. Ultimately, the greater goal is to have you and baby well enough to praise God.

A pregnancy test reads positive about 6 to 12 days after implantation has occurred. There are two types of pregnancy test (PT): the blood PT which is more sensitive and the urine PT.

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I hope this helps 😀

Happy celebrations to the muslim folks J Have a great celebration.

Good night y’all 😀

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