Daily Health Tips: Does Drinking Cold Water Make Me Add Weight?

Q: Please Doctor, you forgot to answer my two questions of 1. Drinking cold water, can it add to someone’s weight and 2. I fry my sweet potatoes to eat; am I safe?

A: Water is a calorie-free fluid and so cannot make people add weight, cold, room temperature or hot 😀 Some people with some disease conditions like heart failure or kidney problems may find that they experience weight gain due to drinking water and that’s just because their bodies retain fluid. This will usually be evidenced by swollen ankles/legs, difficulty with breathing etc. If you find that you are having these symptoms, and believe that you gain weight from water, please see your doctor.

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Frying is not the best way of cooking as you load the food with unnecessary oil, especially if you’re deep frying. Cooking of food should be done bearing healthy cooking methods in mind. Poach, grill, steam, boil etc.

Other tips to bear in mind if you’re trying to lose weight include:

Portions: Even if you do all the above but we take excessive amounts, then we will pile on the weight. What are the right portions? First, reduce plate size and then ensure that half the plate is filled with fruits and veggies, a quarter is filled with carbs and the last quarter with protein. Remember the tips we’ve given above and focus on picking the right foods from the mentioned classes.

Now don’t go piling your plate high while staying within your portions 😀 That’s an absolute no!!!

Breakfast: Remember to eat like a king’
• Wheat bread with peanut butter and a glass of fresh juice (or fruit slices)
• Or Oatmeal with fruit slices
• Or a slice of wheat bread with an egg and a glass of juice
• Or a smoothie
• Or A wrap of moi-moi with oats or pap and some fruits

Lunch: Eat like a prince
• Vegetable soup with fish and oatmeal (remember that the vegetable soup should be half the plate, the fish a quarter of the plate and the swallow should be normal height
• Or local rice with stew (please no sign of floating oil should be seen :D), grilled chicken and veggies. Again I feel compelled to explain that the veggies should be half the plate, the rice and chicken should take up a quarter of the plate respectively
• Or Bean pottage with vegetables and fish. If you choose to have some plantain with it, just understand that the beans and plantains are struggling for a quarter of the plate which MUST NOT be crowded
• Spaghetti (pasta) with sauce, salad and fish/chicken. Again, no mounds please!

Dinner: Eat like a pauper
• Boiled sweet potatoes with vegetable sauce and fish
• Or a (small) bowl of salad with a wheat bread roll

Now for exercise or activity, as I like to call it, be sure to get at least 150 minutes every week. This can be broken into 30 minutes on 5 days of the week or 1 hour on alternate days. During work hours try to get as much activity as you can.

  • Pack your car farther from the office entrance as you can and walk the rest of the distance. If you take public transportation, stop at a farther bus stop than normal and walk (be sure that it’s safe)
    • Get up whenever you get a call and jog on the spot.
    • Walk to the bank to use the ATM
    • Walk over to the copier to pick reports rather than call for them’

You can add to this list with other innovative ideas for exercise at work.

Remember that exercise should focus on general workouts including cardiovascular exercises, strength training and tummy exercises. A combination of all (and not focusing on just one) with a good nutrition plan will lead to sustainable weight loss.

Guys, there are no quick fixes here…it’s sheer hard work and grit

Finally, remember that stress causes the release of a hormone that leads to deposition of fats around the organs leading to big tummies and increased risk of heart diseases. So, kick the stress 😀

Have a good night, y’all 😀


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