Daily Health Tips: Vaginismus

Q: Good evening ma’am. I am always happy to read your answers to questions. May God bless you. I am 28 weeks pregnant but right before I got pregnant, whenever I had sex with my husband, he always noticed my vagina was tight. Now I am pregnant and still whenever we have sex my vagina is also tight. Please, is it a good one or can it cause any harm on child delivery? Thank you.

A: Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Vaginal tightness could be due to a condition called vaginismus and it describes a situation in which there is involuntary tightening of the muscles around the vagina whenever there is an attempt at penetration. This can, understandably make sexual intercourse very difficult and cause a huge strain on one’s sex life. It can also lead to difficulties with gynaecological and/or pelvic examinations which would occur at the point of child birth.


This condition is not clearly understood but the causes could be related to:

  • Painful first sexual intercourse
  • Previous sexual abuse
  • Thinking that the vagina is small (even if it is not)
  • Thinking sexual intercourse will be painful
  • Fear of pregnancy
  • Relationship problems etc

Treatment would depend on the cause.

If the issue is psychological (as occurs with the negative thoughts of sex or size of vagina), sex therapy utilizing counseling and/or the use of relaxation techniques or vaginal trainers.


If due to an infection, then treatment of the infection should suffice.


Vaginal trainers are usually plastic, smooth, cylindrical shapes available in 4 sizes. These sizes are graduated such that there is gentle progression of treatment from one size to the other. They can be used at home to help one get used to having something inserted into the vagina.


Will this situation affect childbirth? Unlikely. Nature has a way of preparing the birth canal for delivery with relaxation of muscles and lubrication from body fluids.


However, you should speak with your doctor so he can speak from the specifics of your situation, having examined you.


I hope this helps.


Have a good night y’all 😀

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