Daily Health Tips: Does Steaming Help Tighten Me Up After Having A Baby?

Q: Good evening Dr, please I want to know if steaming the Vagina with hot water helps tighten it. I gave birth 5months ago. And I also want to know the necessary steps to take for my tommy to go inside
A: Congratulations on your baby! May he/she be a blessing to his/her generation! 😀 Loads of hugs!
Now to the knotty issue of vaginal steaming…unfortunately there’s no scientific proof that this steaming helps tighten the vagina, remove toxins or do any of those things it is touted to do! If you wish to tighten your vaginal muscles, kegel exercises are your go-to help! I have described this exercise several times but keep having people ask how it’s done. I describe it below again:
This is done by trying to hold your vagina together, tightening it like trying to hold urine. Hold these contractions for 10 seconds, then release for another 10 seconds. This should be done several times a day .You can do these exercises anywhere; while waiting on a queue, working at your desk or while watching TV. It may take 6-12 weeks of exercise to see results. These exercises can strengthen the pelvic wall muscles and help keep the vaginal walls from expanding. These exercises provide other benefits like facilitating childbirth, enhancing orgasm, and decreasing the chances of having a leaky bladder especially after having a baby.
Now as to tummy reduction after delivery, there’s no quick fix to these issues. You will have to go the good nutrition and exercise route (as soon as your doctor gives you the okay). So, the solution is a careful exercise and diet plan. For any kind of delivery, don’t start on any exercise regimen without checking with your doctor first. You can start off with pelvic floor exercises as soon as you feel up to it especially if you’re leaking urine when you cough or laugh. Once you no longer leak, you’re probably ready for your exercises. As soon as the doctor gives you the all clear, you can take gentle walks, do simple stretches etc. Start small and scale up 🙂
As for diet, fruits, veggies, complex carbs and proteins are the way to go. The first rule of diet is portion control, reduce your plate (or bowl) size 😀 Then fill half the plate with veggies, a quarter with complex carbs like whole grains, oatmeal, local rice etc and the last quarter with protein eg fish and poultry.
For more on this subject, please click on the links below:
Have a good night, y’all 😀
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