Daily Health Tips: What Do I Do To Have Sound Sleep?

Q: What do I do to have sound sleep?
A: Thanks for writing in.
There are a couple of things you could do:
Have a regular sleep routine that allows you (an adult) about 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. Go for the higher limit, by the way 😀
Cultivate good sleep habits
• No TVs in room
• No work just before bed time
• A warm bath before bed etc
Lay off the caffeine and alcohol before bed time too.
Regular exercise helps relieve everyday tension but vigorous exercise before bedtime may lead to inability to sleep too.
Make your room a haven for sleep and clear out all clutter and be sure that you have invested in a good mattress and pillows.
It’s a good idea to ventilate the day’s issues before you actually start getting ready for bed, so you can mentally file every issue away in a ‘to-do’ or ‘done’ box ahead of the next day.
So, practice this today and here’s hoping you get some much deserved zzzzzzs 😀
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