Daily Health Tips: Weight Loss Without Exercise

Q: Hi ma’am, I watched your health tips on TV today. Please, I want to lose weight but I don’t have time for exercise due to my work. Please what will I take?


A: Can I lose weight without exercise? You can…if you watch your portions. However, exercise is useful for more than just weight loss. Exercise makes your heart strong and reduces your risk of other ailments.


Portion control is critical. Reduce your plate size and follow the 50:25:25 rule which is 50% of your plate filled with veggies, 25% (one quarter) filled with complex carbohydrates like beans, wheat meal, local rice etc and the last 25% filled with protein like fish or chicken. When you’ve taken the right portion, take your time about eating. Don’t wolf it all down because you feel very hungry. Take your time and chew every morsel. Beyond being in tune with etiquette 😀 it helps give your brain the time needed for it to receive the signal that the stomach is full. If you eat too fast, you would have stuffed yourself before you feel full. Remember that vegetables form soluble fibre which absorb water and thus give you a feeling of being full for a longer period of time.

You can have 5 meals per day: three major meals and then two snacks. While snacking, eat a handful of nuts, eat some fruit slices dipped in yoghurt or peanut butter, drink a glass of smoothie etc. Please click on the link below for more tips on snackinghttps://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/04/07/healthy-snacking/


Try to mentally confirm that you’re really hungry whenever you feel the urge to munch on something. Sometimes, it is thirst, boredom or some emotional stress that we are trying to deal with by eating.

Surround yourself with healthy snack and food options so that you are encouraged to do the right thing 😉


To encourage you to exercise, please click on this link for some fun/unconventional ways to exercise: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/05/18/daily-health-tips-is-it-possible-to-actually-enjoy-exercise/


Have a great night, y’all 😀


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  1. Mrs ogechukwunnebuo says:

    Good evening ma, please I want to know what type of medicine I will take because I have breast milk coming out of my breast, although it is colourless. am not breastfeeding any baby


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