Daily Health Tips: Can I Have Cucumber In Pregnancy?

Q: Is cucumber good for pregnant women?

A: Cucumber is a rich source of calcium and is generally considered safe in pregnancy unless of course you’ve had any allergic reactions with it before. Where in doubt, please speak to your doctor. Other good calcium sources are spinach, cabbage and other greens.

Eating right in pregnancy is critical and trust me….eating right is not necessarily eating for two…I know we’ve all heard the feeding for two fable. Trust me, in pregnancy, your calorie requirement doesn’t increase in first trimester, increases by just 300 calories in second trimester and about 400 calories in the 3rd trimester …if you’re carrying just one baby. For multiple pregnancies this increases slightly.

Other nutrition tips to help you during this period:
• Eat a balanced diet with a variety of foods from different food groups.
• Be sure to include a lot of high fibre foods like vegetables, whole grain cereals etc to deal with the constipation associated with pregnancy.
• Ensure you take your antenatal medications (prenatal vitamins) in addition to eating well.
• Be sure to also take foods rich in iron eg and foods rich in folic acid eg green leafy veggies and beans. Folate prevents deformities of the spine.
• Drink at least 4 servings of milk, other dairy products or calcium rich foods like those noted above. If you don’t eat enough, your baby will start drawing on your own stock from your bones. So, stock up on calcium!
Pregnancy provides an opportunity for a mother to adequately prepare her baby for life in 9 months. Make sure that you get all the nutrients that give your child a great health boost.

Have a great evening 😀

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