Daily Health Tips: Can A Uterus Be Replaced If It Had Been Removed?

Q: Dr I want to know something: What if a woman has removed her uterus? Is it possible to replace with another one?
A: Well, theoretically, it is possible. A lot of work: research with animals etc has been done in preparation for transplant of uterus in humans. I’m aware of two procedures that have been carried out: in Saudi Arabia and in Turkey. The Saudi procedure failed after a couple of months as blood clots formed in blood vessels supplying the womb. A couple of other hospitals are at advanced stages of preparedness to carry out the procedure, learning from the mistakes of others.
Other choices available to women with no wombs include surrogacy (where another woman carries and delivers a baby for the couple who wish to have a baby) and adoption. Have a chat with your doctor to explore all options available.
Have a good night, y’all 😀
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