The Season Is Pregnant With Possibilities!

It is the first of November! Oh wow! I’m so grateful to God for life and everything He has used me to accomplish this year! What a year it has been! I smell Christmas in the air already! The air is pregnant with great things….

Speaking of pregnancy….

Pregnancy is such a precious time. I will go so far as to say, it is an amazing time; the beginning of life. I can just see the faces of all of you who spent the entire nine months of pregnancy in hospital beds or vomiting or just feeling ‘horrible’ 😀 I get it! It also wasn’t all fun and games for me during any of my three ‘pilgrimages’ 😀  But this is one situation where the end justifies the means because the thought of how the situation would end, should make up for all the discomfort…I hope 😀

How many of us come prepared? None of us, really. We just roll with the punches and pray we come out tops 😀

I am a doctor, but even with all that medical information, I was not prepared for what my body threw up at me when I got pregnant. Over time, especially ever since our wellness show, ‘Tips For Healthy Living with Dr Ketch’ started, I have had more pregnant women ask questions that clearly show how ‘starved’ they are for information. And so, the idea for this book was born. It’s a collection of my recollections 😀 of my pregnancies, peppered with some of your questions, written in simple everyday language that we can all relate with…all of it valuable information that I believe is important for every new mum. I hope that by sharing my own experiences, you will feel equipped to handle yours by learning from some of my hilarious mistakes 😀

And so the story continues! 😀 If you want to follow my hilarious journey of pregnancy while picking up tips on parenting, immunizations, diapering, preventing childhood infections, feeding children right etc, get details from the book, Just For The Health Of It.

This book also makes an excellent gift for baby showers, bridal showers, new parents, people who wish to lose weight and to everyone who desires to embrace healthy living in all aspects.

You can get a copy via the shop now link on our facebook page. Or you can get it through:

1) Just click on this link and get a copy. You have the option of paying when the book is delivered to you or paying online. This service is available all over Nigeria.

2) Another option for those in Lagos is Laterna Bookshop on 13, Oko-Awo Close, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Street,. Victoria Island.

3) If you’re outside the country, please visit Amazon through this link

Here’s to a healthier you!

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