Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Have Boils After Shaving?

Q: Hi Dr, well done for the good help you render here, God’s continuous blessings be with you…Amen. I have been having frequent boils in my underarm, it comes especially a day or two after I shave. Please, I’ll like to know what causes it. Thank you

A: Hello and thanks for writing in.

A boil, also called a skin abscess, is an infection of a hair follicle deep in the skin. Boils can occur in any part of the body, but most frequently in the armpits, groin, around the vagina/anus areas, around a tooth and at the back. They are often swollen, painful, and after a few days collect as a head of pus and debris (this explains what you noticed) which can rupture on their own when soft or ‘ripe’ or may require a health expert to cut it open and drain it (if it’s quite large).

Boils in the underarm after shaving can be caused by an ingrown hair (the hair instead of growing upwards, grows inwards into the skin as may occur following shaving). To prevent this, you may try shaving when the underarm hair is moist like after a bath or using a depilatory cream.

For a related topic on other causes of painful lumps in the underarm, please click on this link:


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  1. fatai says:

    What is the cause of pipes madam


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