Daily Health Tips: On Stretch Marks…

Q: Mum, please what can I use to get these stretch marks off my body because I have used many prescribed oils and drugs but still the stretch marks are a lot and due to this, I can’t wear short clothes.

A: Hi dear, I can certainly empathize! Not being able to wear what you want because of certain limitations can be a pain 😀 Here is a post I had done on this subject before. I hope it helps. Remember though, that true beauty comes from the inside and not necessarily from the things we wear 😀

Stretch marks occur when the skin is over-stretched like during pregnancy, during the growth spurt of the teenage years and during rapid weight gain or loss. So the skin, sort of, loses its elasticity leading to the formation of the marks.
Thus, the ‘damage’ to the skin is done from the inside and not the outside. This makes it difficult to really take care of it from the outside. Having said that, creams that contain shea butter, cocoa butter and Vitamin E are thought to be useful in causing the marks to fade.

Other creams that contain olive oil, castor oil and fruit acids may also be helpful. There are some other advanced treatments like glycolic acid peels etc, (that you must NOT attempt on your own) that are helpful with old and new marks. Discuss these options with your dermatologist.

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Have a good evening, y’all 😀

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  1. lukman says:

    please dr ketch.how can i treat pimples on my face


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