Having A Cold? Here’s Your Survival Tool Kit!

It is the season of sniffling noses! 😀 When you have a cold you feel absolutely miserable. As this is viral, then even drugs may not be able to help you as the infection will run its course with or without drugs. As is usually said, if you have a cold and you take a drug, it will go in 2 weeks instead of a fortnight…no difference. Here are some things to help you feel better during this time.

5 items to include in your flu and cold survival kit

  • Tissues: An essential for the sniffles. To help prevent the spread of germs, discard each tissue promptly after using it.
  • Water: Aim for eight to nine eight-ounce glasses of water each day to help you stay hydrated. It also helps the body eliminate toxins (dry mucus membranes can make it easier for viruses to enter).
  • Petroleum jelly: Helps to soothe raw, irritated skin around your nostrils.
  • Some warm soup: This could be chicken or any other mild pepper soup. This acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and temporarily increases the movement of mucus through the nose.
  • Throat drops: Necessary for minor throat irritations. Lozenges provide a soothing, comforting care and relief from the symptoms of colds and.


Closer: Remember to wash your hands often when you have a cold as you don’t want to pass on your germs.

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2 Responses to Having A Cold? Here’s Your Survival Tool Kit!

  1. Akinlawon mathew says:

    Gud morning madam,sorry madam,I have a problem with health.whenever mosquito bite me,I will get malaira.ma,what can I do apart from using mosquito net that can stop this malaira issue because I am tired of getting sick every time..pls ma,I need your reply as soon as you receive this message. thanks


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