Daily Health Tips: Vaginal Itching In Pregnancy

Q: Good day Doc. I’m five months pregnant and my vagina itches a lot. Sometimes it doesn’t itch though. What’s the cause and what can I use to prevent it?

A: Vaginal itching is very common during pregnancy. This is because pregnancy brings on additional demands on the body. The natural defense mechanisms of the body are not functioning optimally, so certain conditions which ordinarily would have been taken care of, may then set in.

Vaginal itching is caused by a yeast infection. The risk factors include pregnancy (where the infection may be recurrent), moist humid environment, poor genital hygiene and problems with the immune system like diabetes and HIV.

It can be prevented by good hygiene, making sure the genital area remains as dry as possible, wearing cotton underwear, good nutrition, and using an antifungal cream around the vagina. In some cases, a vaginal suppository may be inserted into the vaginal for a few days. However, because of the risk of taking medications in pregnancy, antifungal tablets may not prescribed. Hope this helps.

*****The answer to this post was contributed by a guest doctor blogger

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