Daily Health Tips: Why Can’t I Get Pregnant After Having My First Baby?

Q: Dr. I am a lady of 28 years. After my 1st child I began to experience irregular flow. My baby will be 3 years old by March 27 this year I can’t get pregnant

A: Madam, I empathize with you. I had a similar experience following the birth of my first child. It took 3 years too, before I got pregnant again. So, I truly understand your fears and concerns.
Secondary infertility is very common, but not often talked about. Even when women present themselves to the hospital, they don’t come out straight to let the doctor know what actually brought them to hospital, and rather list a series of symptoms most often, unconnected to their primary (main) concerns. Secondary infertility is the inability to become pregnant, or carry a pregnancy to term following the birth of one or more children. There however has to be frequent (at least three times a week), unprotected intercourse for a period of at least one year (six months for women older than 35), for this definition to be complete.

The causes include impaired sperm production (quantity and/or quality), erectile dysfunction, or new disease conditions in males. In females the causes include tubal damage (that is damage to the tubes from infections or adhesions in which case certain body surfaces stick together following surgery), ovulation problems (menstrual abnormalities), uterine conditions (infections from complications during a prior delivery, retained placenta, or a miscarriage which wasn’t properly cared for), complications from previous pregnancy(excessive bleeding following delivery) and changes in you or your partners’ risk factors; like changes in age (increasing age), weight, smoking and use of certain medications or disease conditions.

Irregular menses may be as a result of a hormonal imbalance, endocrine abnormality (diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, or pituitary abnormalities), certain medications, eating disorders (too much, too little, or too poor), polycystic ovarian syndrome (asides the irregular menses, there is also male pattern hair growth, facial hair, acne/pimples, cysts in the ovaries, obesity and sometimes diabetes), may be stress induced or a sign that you may be approaching menopause.
I would advise you visit a gynecologist, who would be able to evaluate you properly, possibly identify the cause of the infertility as well as the irregular menses and then treat you appropriately. Apparently, the irregular menses may not be entirely responsible for the problem you are having with getting pregnant.

Also try to identify any of the other risk factors I have mentioned above and work on them .i.e. exercise to reduce weight, a well balanced and nutritious diet most times, lots of water, smoking cessation, treatment of other possible health conditions and avoid the use of medications, (except those prescribed by your doctor).
More importantly, get support for your emotional health, by joining groups of women who have / have had similar challenges and share their stories to inspire others, become an active member of your religious group, attend counseling sessions with a therapist/spiritual counselor, and keep yourself busy or occupied with other activities asides house chores. All these would help you pass through this phase easily and am sure you too will be sharing your story pretty soon…God willing:) Cheers!

****This post was contributed by a doctor guest blogger

Have a great night y’all 😀

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4 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Why Can’t I Get Pregnant After Having My First Baby?

  1. Ogoamaka says:

    hello Doctor, weldone on the good job you have been doing. Please my baby is 9 months old and weighs only 7.9kg is his weight ok for his age. His birthweight was 2.35kg? Many thanks.


  2. Reblogged this on chatwithketch and commented:

    Q: Please Dr Ketch, I delivered through C /S. Can this delay conception again?
    A situation in which a woman who has had a baby before finds it difficult to have another baby, is called secondary infertility. The post below speaks to more of this.


  3. Martha says:

    Dr good day. I have had 2 sons already through Cesearan session my last son is 9months and I am 1 month pregnant. Is there any risk involved?


  4. Martha says:

    Q: Pls Dr Ketch I have two sons through Cesearan session, my last son is 9months and I am one month pregnant, what is your advice Dr. Is there any risk involved?


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