Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Urinate Whenever I Laugh Since I Had My Baby?

Q: Hey Doc. I have a nine months old son and since I had him up till this present moment, I do pee whenever I laugh, cough or sneeze. My question is, is it normal for me to still be experiencing this and also what can I do to stop it? Do I need to visit a Doctor? Thanks for always being there. God bless you always.

A: God bless you too and congratulations on your new baby, though he’s all grown up now…all of 9 months!

As a result of the pressure and stretch experienced by the pelvic floor muscles (which support the bladder and other organs) due to the pressure of the growing baby and pregnancy hormones, stress incontinence (urinating when you sneeze or cough or even laugh) happens. It is not abnormal and there is a very simple exercise that helps you deal with this. It’s called Kegel exercise.  The exercise mimics the movements we make when we want to stop the flow of urine. Try holding this for about 10 seconds and then doing about 4 or 5 repetitions per set. Try about 3 sets per day and increase this as you feel ready.

In a few cases, exercises are not enough to deal with this and a minor surgery may have to be performed.

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This situation may last a few weeks to a few months or in some cases, become long drawn out. So, if you have not performed this kegel exercises since you put to bed, it’s not too late to start and by all means let your doctor know so that he’s part of the management.

Have good night y’all 😀

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