Daily Health Tips: Should I Opt For Caesarian Section For My Precious Baby?

Q: I am advised to go for Caesarian Section because I waited for 12yrs for this baby. What is your advice on this, Doc?

A: Congratulations on your pregnancy! I feel truly happy and excited for you. This is the beginning of a truly exciting journey for you.

When a woman has waited a long time, like you have to have a baby, the doctor wants to do everything to ensure a successful outcome for mum and baby. Babies, in your case and in the case of older women or even women who had to go through assisted reproduction, are called precious babies 😀 A good number of doctors are hesitant about allowing women go through labour for precious babies in order to avoid potentially difficult, vaginal deliveries that may require manipulation of the baby. It’s really just about ensuring the best possible outcome for mum and baby.

Having said that, it is still your decision as to whether you want to go through with Caesarian Section or not. While making your decision, be sure that your beliefs are not coloured by the thinking in this environment that women who have babies through Caesarian Section are less ‘super-mum’ than those who have theirs through vaginal delivery. Irrespective of the means of delivery, you are a mum through and through!

Please let us know when the baby is born! A couple of pictures will not go amiss too 😀

For more on this subject, please click on this link:

Have a great night, y’all 😀

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