Daily Health Tips: Why Has My Period Not Returned After Child Birth?

Q: Doc, please I have a 9-month old daughter (my first) but I haven’t seen my period ever since.Is it normal?And when should I expect it?

A:Hello Madam, Congratulations on your new baby! Return of menses following delivery is varied between individuals. Some women would see theirs a few weeks after, some others after a few months or even a year, while in others there is no return of menses before another pregnancy begins.

However, the pattern of your menstrual cycle prior to your previous pregnancy (if it was regular or irregular) also plays a role. The duration of your labor and the presence of complications like bleeding after delivery could all play a part in the return of your period. Exclusive breastfeeding and presence of underlying infection also could delay the return of menses.

I don’t think that there’s anything to worry about for now except if you are really looking forward to another pregnancy soon. If this is the case I would advise you see your doctor for a proper evaluation, otherwise enjoy your period of no bleeds 🙂

Best wishes and cheers.

***This post was contributed by a doctor guest blogger

Have a good night y’all 😀

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1 Response to Daily Health Tips: Why Has My Period Not Returned After Child Birth?

  1. Happiness says:

    Goodpm am! Thanks for ur good work. Pls ma;my period returned 5months after my delivery,was irregular till April,now my baby will be 1year dis month(july),been trying to conceive for 2months now,stopped breastfeeding last month (June),i know when I ovulate and I meet my husband each time! What could be happening?


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