Daily Health Tips: Why Does My Baby Have Rashes While He’s Teething?

Q: Good morning ma’am. My baby (6 month and 2 weeks old) is currently teething. Her temperature was very high for 2 days after which it came to normal but I noticed red rash on her face and it has spread all over her body now. She no longer has a high temperature, she eats and plays as well but at night, she cries from her sleep and appears uncomfortable. What do I do ma’am and what’s the cause of the rash?

A: Thanks for writing in, dear. A lot of mothers complain that babies have a fever and frequent loose stools when they are teething.

There’s really not enough data that confirms this relationship between teething and diarrhoea. Here’s what we do know: around the time of teething, babies pick up things and stuff in their mouths leaving them open to infections. This could lead to fever and/or diarrhea. It has also been suggested that the excessive saliva baby produces which causes him/her to drool, when swallowed could lead to loose stools.This is worse in babies who use pacifiers as they swallow a lot of this saliva.

The baby’s drool can cause irritation/rashes around the mouth area as the sensitive skin rubs on soft surfaces like a pillow. These rashes could also get infected developing crusts or blisters. To prevent this, keep your baby’s mouth area as dry as possible by dabbing at baby’s drool as soon as they appear. Rubbing at the drool could lead to or worsen the irritation. Applying some petroleum jelly on baby’s face can act as a moisture barrier too preventing contact between the saliva and your baby’s delicate skin.A bib is also a great idea so that the drool/rash doesn’t spread further. An absorbent napkin under baby’s head when he/she is sleeping will also be helpful.

I’m not sure how far the rashes have spread. I suggest you see your baby’s paediatrician to take a look at your baby’s rash and make a proper diagnosis.

For more on teething, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/01/06/daily-health-tips-teething-in-babies/

Have a good night y’all 😀

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