Daily Health Tips: Can I Get Pregnant While On My Period?

Q: Please Dr, is it absolutely free to have sex during menstruation? Secondly, if it is free, can a woman get pregnant during that period?

A: I had to hide a quick smile when I read this 😀 I’m not sure what you mean by free. Free from stress or free from sexually transmitted infection? Or perhaps you want to know if it’s safe?
Well, having sexual intercourse during a lady’s menstrual period does not make a man impotent, neither does it kill vital organs in his body…contrary to all the stories you have probably heard 😀

However, it is obviously messy and it is also easy to contract Sexually Transmitted Infections at this time.

Can one get pregnant at this time? Unlikely but not impossible. It depends on the length of a woman’s cycle. If she has a short cycle, she could be seeing her period a few days away from her ovulation. Thus, if she has sexual intercourse, perhaps towards the end of her period, the sperm, which can stay ‘alive’ for days after sexual intercourse, are still available to fertilize the eggs released during ovulation. So, having sexual intercourse during menstruation is NOT a means of contraception, people 😀

Have a good night everyone 🙂

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