Daily Health Tips: Celebrating Mothers!

Years ago, I thought my mum was invincible! My mum had the answer to every question. My mother could make anything happen. My mother could make mere mortals quake in their shoes! Seriously! When my mum called you in for a midnight meeting (which she loved), it meant, ‘this is serious! we’re not joking’. Whatever was discussed at those midnight meetings was to be taken as the final ruling on that matter!

My mother was also very sacrificing…she gave of herself for her children. She practically poured herself out. I remember evenings as a child, my brothers and sisters would line up with our notes to read to my mum. This was a daily exercise that started by 4pm every single day without fail. Everything done in school on that day was thoroughly studied and revised. You could only leave when she was convinced that you were ready for a thesis on that subject! 😀

Fast forward to some 30 years later, with my mum a lot older…I’m amazed at how huge I believed she used to be! Now I wonder how she made all of that happen. She supervised 6 children including a cousin who lived with us; all school work was read daily, homework completed; she had the time to try out several nutritious and healthy recipes; she’s a doctor and worked a fulltime job. She, of course, made the home front work (you dared not lie in bed beyond 6am growing up. I remember playing the trick of waking up sometimes and going to my brothers’ room to hide and sleep behind their bed!). She was multi-faceted: daughter (she never missed celebrating her mother on mothers’ day), sister, wife, mother, friend, professional etc. She was so strict then and so mellow now, that when I tell my children, they find it difficult to reconcile their gentle grandma with this hurricane I seem to describe in talking about her from way back!

I remember some of the things I used to disagree with her on…it’s funny because it does appear that the saying that, ‘by the time you’re old enough to know your mother was right, you probably have children who think you’re wrong!

So, what lessons did I learn from my mother:
I supervise homework myself…no matter how busy or tired.
I am constantly experimenting with healthier food options.
I never miss an opportunity to touch base with my children
I co-opted them into the kitchen as soon as they were old enough to stand the heat 😀
I never miss a school program (probably missed 2 in their collective lives)
I’m actively involved in preparing for debates, quizzes etc
I keep reminding my children they can do anything they put their minds to.

I could go on and on. What lessons did you learn from your mother?

Today, I celebrate my mother and every other woman who works hard to make things happen. Supermoms, who do all it takes to put smiles on the faces of their children, their families, their environment etc. Nurturing, wonderful women who deprive themselves of what they need to make sure another does not lack. How many times as a mother/woman have you found yourself not getting something…a piece of chicken, a slice of cake…whatever, perhaps because someone showed up, who was not expected or you miscalculated; and when someone wants to make a fuss, you just go, ‘oh, I wasn’t really hungry anyway!?’

Today, I celebrate you, mother-in waiting, as you find and fulfill your purpose while waiting. I celebrate you as you mould and motivate lives around you with that inherent nurturing spirit. I celebrate you as you sow into the lives of people who will become professional and spiritual children. I celebrate you as you make a difference in the world you live in starting from your immediate environment.

Be sure to celebrate all the women in your lives today. Let’s make this circle of love go round and keep it going all through the year. Visit that special mother (biological, spiritual, professional etc).
Failing that, make a looooooong phone call. Let your love be felt!

For more helpful hints on how to make this day extra special for mum, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/03/11/its-mothers-day-so-what/

Trust me, it ain’t easy being a woman and a mother….but oh, it is so worthwhile!

Have a great week people 😀

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2 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Celebrating Mothers!

  1. mayotonia@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Doc,plis my mum have just been diagonised with Gall bladder disease.I need you to shed more light on d disease and is there any cause for alarm?I’m really disturbed.She is being given a two weeks appointment to come back to see a Doc.She is in pain,not able to eat and has lost a lot of weight. I hpe to hear from you.Thanks for being there.
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