Daily Health Tips: What Can Help Me Have More Frequent Bowel Movement?

Q: Ma’am, what can I do to make me go to toilet regularly? I can stay for one week without going to the toilet and I eat fruits at least 3 times a week and I drink water well but still I need your advice. Thanks

A: There’s really no hard and fast rule about the number of bowel movements to have per day. Some go daily and some go on alternate days. It depends on what’s normal for you. If there’s a deviation from normal, then there’s a problem. Having said that, bowel movement (stooling) less than 3 times in a week is generally considered constipation.

Eating fruits is a great way to help you have more regular bowel movements. Three times a week is a good start but you really should be getting 5 servings a day! Try buying fruits in season…they are cheaper and regularly available. Veggies like green leafy vegetables, garden egg (egg plant) etc are also helpful in adding bulk to your stool and making you more regular.

Other fibre-rich foods like brown rice, oatmeal, beans, whole grain breads etc should be included in your daily diet to encourage regular bowel movement.

Drinking water also helps move things along and ensures that waste products get to their required destination within the required time.

Other things to do include:
• Exercise: Include physical activities in your daily schedule. At least 30 minutes of exercise on at least 5 days of the week, is a great way to encourage bowel movement.
• Move your bowel (stool) when you feel the urge.
• Checking medications you’re on. Some drugs like iron supplements can cause constipation and so if you’re taking these, it just may be the cause.
• Excluding diseases like Diabetes Mellitus which can also lead to constipation. So, these have to be ruled out.

If you try the lifestyle recommendations (diet, exercise, drinking water) and they don’t work, then you may have to see your doctor to rule out other medical problems.

I hope this helps.

Have a great night, y’all 😀

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  1. loretta says:

    Dr ketch I watch ur programme on tv n its encouraging n helps me keep my family n I healty.pls I need 2 loose belly fat ASAP hw do I do it without taking drugs?tnx


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