This Week, On The Dr Ketch Show

Today on the Dr Ketch Show, we explore bad breath.

How come people with bad breath have no idea that their breaths stink? 😦 How can you check whether you have bad breath before someone tells you? Are there foods in your kitchen that can help you fight bad breath? Our show today, explores all these.

Then, I have a chat with an award-winning Nollywood star who shares with us the secret to keeping that smile super sweet and breath ultra-fresh…I mean that breath just has to be fresh, what with all the close-up 😉 scenes, I’ve seen this person in 😀

Guess our celebrity!

Catch the show on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 by:
6.30pm and 11pm today
11am and 9pm on Friday
4pm on Saturday
7pm on Sunday

Have a fabulous day, people 😀

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4 Responses to This Week, On The Dr Ketch Show

  1. Vivacious says:

    Does it air on other channels or TV stations?


  2. Vivacious says:

    Ok.., thanks.


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