Daily Health Tips: Urinary Problems

Q: Dr. Ketch, I’m now 60yrs old (male). I seem to have urinary problems. How can I protect it before it’s serious?

A: Thanks for writing in. You didn’t quite define the kind of urinary problems you’re having? Is it pain during urination? Is it difficulty with urination? Is it feeling an urgency to urinate and perhaps urinating on yourself before getting to the toilet? Or perhaps feeling an urgency but not being able to urinate when you get to the toilet? Or a split stream of urine? These are some of the problems that could arise from urination.

Generally, urinary problems could arise from a urinary tract infection, an infection or enlargement of the prostate, straddle injury (falling astride an object), a sexually transmitted infection, cancer etc
So, to help you out, please click on the links below to have a better idea of what it could be.






Be sure to see your doctor asap to check you out thoroughly and confirm a diagnosis.

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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