Daily Health Tips: Have I Infected My Husband?

Q: Good morning, Doctor. I noticed last week while I finished having sex with my hubby, I saw some things that looked like cottage cheese all over his penis. Immediately I felt it’s infection. but I’ve not experienced it before that day. And I don’t get any scratches. And I am afraid to use anything for now because I am trying to get pregnant. I’m thinking that I should wait till the end of the month if I will miss my period or not. But please doctor advice me on what to do because I am ashamed to have sex with hubby because of the last incident.

A: Hi dear, the description of the discharge you gave is typical of a fungal infection of the vagina (thrush) even if you had not experienced any itching.

The good thing is that your husband may not necessarily be infected. If he is, he will observe a reddish rash on the tip of the penis with burning or itching sensation. This can be very easily treated with an anti-fungal cream. If he is infected, then it becomes even more imperative for both of you to be treated, if not, you will just end up re-infecting each other again and again.

Vaginal thrush/candidasis is common in diabetics, pregnant women, people who abuse antibiotics etc. It may also be due to lack of simple hygiene like changing out of wet clithes as soon as possible or even wearing tight, synthetic panties etc. Vaginal thrush can be treated using vaginal pessaries (tablets inserted into the vagina using an applicator), anti-fungal cream (which may be applied to the outer part of the vagina) or anti-fungal tablets. Given that you are trying to get pregnant, anti-fungal tablets maynot be safe for you. However, pessaries and/or anti-fungal cream may be used. If you’re pregnant already, please use your finger to insert the vaginal pessary and not the applicator that comes with the pack.

However, before any of these, be sure to see your doctor so that a proper diagnosis of candidiasis can be made.

For more on candidiasis in pregnancy, please click on this link
And…just in case you wondered, candidiasis does not affect fertility. If a pregnant woman has the infection at the time of delivery, the baby may become infected but this infection is readily treated.

If candidiasis recurs frequently, it should be checked out as there may be medical causes like Diabetes causing it.
Have a good night, people 😀

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