Daily Health Tips: Is It Okay To Wear Panty Liners Daily?

Q: If you don’t know what panty liners are, just imagine a very flat sanitary towel worn on the panties to absorb vaginal secretions.

A: So, is there anything wrong with wearing them every day? Well, these liners have a nylon back so that they can collect the vaginal secretions and leave the panties dry and fresh. However, for this same reason, they do not allow the ‘vagina’ to breathe and so, create a warm moist environment for fungi to thrive. It has been suggested that women who wear panty liners regularly are more prone to infections (fungal and bacterial) than others. Theoretically, it makes sense but the evidence base for it is not very robust/significant.

So, here’s the thing…if you must wear panty liners daily, be sure to change them frequently. Every four hours would be a good measure. Otherwise, just be sure to follow the golden rules of vaginal hygiene.

For more on maintaining proper vaginal hygiene, please click on the following links:




Have a good night, people 😀

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3 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Is It Okay To Wear Panty Liners Daily?

  1. Nneka Chukwuma says:

    Wa oh! Thank you ma. Am a fan of panty liners, this info really helped. God bless you. Good night ma.


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