Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Feel So Much Pain After This C-Section? Plus My Pain Makes It Difficult To Breast Feed

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If you’re in Nigeria, today was the first working day of the year! I hope you’ve started on a healthy high! Eating right and exercising?

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Q: Good evening ma’am, trust you are good! Ma’am, I had a Caesarian section of a stillbirth December 2013 and during the surgery, I felt no pain at all and after 4 days, I could stand on my feet and walk without support. I was very fit within days. December 2014, to the glory of God I had a living baby via Caesarian but the experience this time was different. Although, I was given Anaesthesia, I felt some serious pain in my stomach when the baby was about to be brought out. I shouted and cried in the theatre due to the pains. Ma’am, could you please explain why this was so? I mean, why is this present surgery different from the former?

Secondly ma’am, I’ve not been able to stand on my feet till now and the pain hurts badly. Each time I try to breast feed my baby, it hurts so bad that I cry and wail. Due to the pains, NAN 1 has been introduced to my baby because I also found out that the breast doesn’t make him full. I hope I’m not making a mistake ma’am? Though the Nan 1 would only last until my incision heals and I’m back to my feet. Ma’am, what’s your take on this?

What can I do to make my breast milk flow? People say it seized due to the antibiotic fluids given as a result of the C-section. My baby is 3 weeks old today and we discovered that he cries a lot. We took him to the hospital only to be told that his weight has dropped and he’s not been feeding well. I was told to express some milk so as to know if I’m really producing milk. I did last night, in the midnight and this morning but I couldn’t get more than a tea spoon. Ma’am, I’ve been giving him formula for some days now but I really don’t want formula. Breast milk is all I desire for my baby. I have taken ‘pap’, ‘Pregnacare for breast feeding’ and a lot to boost the milk but all to no avail. Please help me ma’am, I’m getting so frustrated. Thank you, ma’am

A: Thanks for writing in dear. First of all, condolences on the baby you lost in 2013 and congratulations on your brand new baby. Don’t worry about all that appears to be happening…we’ll talk through all of them now and get solutions!

Each episode of childbirth is different from the other and same is also true for surgery. Is it normal to feel pain during a C-section? Not really. You shouldn’t feel pain. However, some women who had epidural or spinal anaesthesia (injections given in or around the spine to block pain) would describe the tugging and pressure felt when pulling out the baby as pain.

Again, recovery after surgery differs from person to person and indeed, from one episode to the other in the same person. It could range from a couple of weeks to months. If you do feel that your recovery is abnormally delayed, please be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Provided your doctor is happy with your recovery, you should be fine.

Pain from the C-section site is likely to make breastfeeding uncomfortable and painful. The nurses should have been able to provide advice on how to place your baby in a comfortable position (for you and baby) allowing regular breast feeds soon after delivery (as soon as you had recovered from anaesthesia). Making enough breast milk is a function of the baby suckling. The sucking action of the baby stimulates breast milk production and so not putting baby to the breast simply defeats breast milk production. There will be nothing to express in this situation where baby has been on formula and not sucking.

Note also that some degree of weight loss is expected in children after birth and in C-sections, given the pain that may interfere with breastfeeding, a little more than the normal weight loss may be expected and indeed anticipated.

Solution? Please put baby to the breast and allow him to suck. You will start making sufficient. Be sure to drink sufficient amounts of water daily and get as much rest as you can. Warm baths are relaxing for you and could also help the let down reflex which promotes milk production.

And whatever you do…don’t give up on breast feeding! You are an absolutely COOL mum for wanting to give your baby the best. You win my award for Cool Mum of the Year, 2015! Yay! 😀

For more resources on breast feeding, please click on the following links:





If you read through all of this, you certainly deserve a great night! 😀

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