Daily Health Tips: Salt Water Solution For Contraception In A Hypertensive etc

Q1: Hello Dr, I have been having this headache / sensation at d left side of my head , please ma’am what could have caused this? I just treated malaria. I wear glasses. About 2weeks ago , I went for a comprehensive check on my sight . I had to change my glasses but still the sensation persists. I usually use salt and water solution for pregnancy prevention which I did again about 2weeks ago. I was so weak with sensation in the head last week, I went to see the doctor. My BP read 150/ 100. I was placed on some drugs and the BP went down, but I am not too ok in my head. I feel weak in my left arm and leg. No more headache but sensation at d left side of my head. Please help me. I am 47yrs

Q2: Good evening ma’am. Thanks so much for your lectures. You are really doing a great job. God bless you. Please ma’am, answer me this time. I have been sending you messages but no reply.
Please I want to know the normal blood pressure (BP) level for pregnant women and non-pregnant people. And also causes of high and low BP. Please I need your advice. Please ma’am, help me out

A: I decided to take these two questions together since they both dealt with high blood pressure and I will start with the first.

It’s important that the writer of question 1, visits the hospital immediately. The symptom of weakness on one side of the body is very suspicious. If this is accompanied by drooping on that side of the face and slurring of speech, then it’s time to act fast and prevent a stroke! Please do not use salt water as a means of contraception. This is dangerous…especially for someone whose blood pressure reading is suspect. The sheer outrage which greeted the stories of people who drank salt water solution for Ebola and those who subsequently died thereafter, is sufficient evidence that this solution should not be taken.

For more information on contraception and stroke, please click on the links below:


And for the second question, I apologize if it took me a while to get to you.

Blood pressure readings are interpreted as same, pregnancy or no pregnancy. Any level more than 140/90mmHg is seen as hypertensive. A woman may already be hypertensive before pregnancy and on medication. She may be found to be hypertensive before 20th week of pregnancy in which case it is believed she had previously undetected high blood pressure or she may be discovered to have high blood pressure after the 20th week, in which case it is believed that this high blood pressure is pregnancy-induced (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension). This would usually resolve within 6 weeks of having a baby. If a woman with PIH goes on to develop protein in urine, she is at risk of pre-eclampsia (in which protein leaks from kidneys into urine) or eclampsia (in which the woman experiences fits and seizures)

High blood pressure in pregnancy needs to be addressed as this poses a danger to both mother and baby.

Low blood pressure can also occur in pregnant women as a result of the increase in circulation and the fact that blood vessels have dilated due to the effect of hormones. There is no absolute figure for this but if it produces symptoms like dizziness, fainting, blurring of vision, your doctor should hear of this.

For more on blood pressure, please click on the links below:

Be sure to make your antenatal classes interactive. Ask your doctor questions about your health and indeed your blood pressure readings if they are cause for concern.

Have a good night y’all 😀

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  2. Chuks says:

    Hello Dr. please Dr,i’am in south africa and most food we eat here contains suger. So i have two questions, and the comon sickness here is pile. Dr. please help me,(1) is there any thing or madicin to rediuse suger intake.(2) person who is suffering from pile what kind of food must he avoid or best madicin for it.


  3. shimz says:

    hi doctor .. i my period ended yestrday in d early hours and i had unprotected sex this morning .. if i dont take pills would i get pregnant? and is it normal for me to still bleed lightly because i had sex just after my period ended?


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