Daily Health Tips: How Can I Make My Breastfeeding Baby’s Nose Pointed?

Q: What do I do and what food do I take to make my breastfeeding baby’s nose pointed?

A: This question reminds me of my childhood. My mother jokingly tells me till date that I don’t have a flat nose because she made sure she always pulled my nose 😀 At that time, I couldn’t figure out if that pull was done as a means of showing anger or pleasure 😀 And my mum is a doctor oh 😀 But I digress….

There’s no evidence that pulling or pressing your baby’s nose makes it more pointed. Most babies are born with flat or squashed noses. The reason for this is not hard to imagine considering the tight, squashed and compact spaces that nose was pressed against on its way out of mummy’s womb 😀 Given all of that, it usually takes a couple of weeks and maybe even months to get the nose all straightened out and looking like it really belongs on your baby’s face…without your help, mind you 😀

In the same way, if your baby’s head appears a bit lopsided or bigger on one side as opposed to the other when born, you may not need to worry. During the process of childbirth, the baby’s skull bones are molded to enable the baby pass through the birth canal. Thus, sometimes when the baby is born the head may be lopsided because of uneven molding. It could also happen after birth in babies who lie on their backs a lot. Where in doubt, please see your doctor.

So, back to our nose pressing gist…give your baby’s nasal bridge a chance to develop well, on its own. You may actually be tampering with that process by pressing it continually.

To answer your question, what should you do? Nothing 😀 What should you eat? Healthy stuff…to make you and baby healthy. It has nothing to do with your baby’s nose 😀

Have a great weekend, people 🙂



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