Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Stomach Is Bloated And Painful?

Q: Dr, I developed a bloated stomach, recently and it keeps paining me. I have gone to do many cultures: HVS, ESC etc even blood and scan at many clinics. The results keep showing no growth of any micro-organism. My concern now is the size of the stomach. People keep asking if I am pregnant. Recently, I have pain, both stomach and waist. What is the remedy naturally or any medication?

A: I would have liked to have an idea of time…when the bloating started, how soon after you developed pain, if there are other symptoms like cough, shortness of breath etc. Then, these tests you’ve been running…were they prescribed by your doctor or are you just doing any and every test you think is relevant?

Usually, generalized abdominal swelling/distension may be caused by any of the 5 Fs 😉 Wanna guess? I’ll tell you 😀

Fat: It could very well be that your abdominal distension is due to fat: visceral fat which is located all around your organs. This places one at risk of heart diseases.

Faeces: If one is constipated, then the abdomen could get distended. So, make a habit of ‘emptying’ out daily 😀 If you keep to my often-repeated advice of eating lots of fruits and veggies, you won’t need to make an effort. It will happen naturally 😉

Flatus: If you feel very gassy, you will feel uncomfortable and your tummy may also be out there 😀

Fetus: Pregnancy is the most common cause of abdominal distension in a woman of reproductive age. So, you might want to check this out.

Fluid: Fluid in the abdominal cavity can cause abdominal distension. This can happen in heart failure, kidney failure or with liver problems.

So, please, go see your doctor asap. Let him/her examine you and make a proper diagnosis. That will determine the right treatment.

Have a good evening, y’all 😀


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