Daily Health Tips: My Baby Is Having A Reaction To Her Diapers!

Q: Dr please my one month old baby is having some kind of reaction caused by diaper, please Dr what should I do?

A: You didn’t describe what sort of reaction your baby is having. I’m assuming they are rashes. If so, your baby may be having a diaper rash.

To prevent diaper rash,

  • Change baby’s diaper more often than you would normally do.
  • Let baby’s bottom air dry during a diaper change and if possible, leave the diaper off for a while, if you can.
  • Use unscented, mild soap and a warm washcloth to clean baby during a diaper change. Perfume and deodorant soaps can be harsh on baby’s skin.
  • If you use baby wipes, choose those that are free of perfume, alcohol, and chemicals.
  • Whether your baby has a rash or not, always carry a small tube of Diaper Rash Ointment. Vaseline and other readily available zinc ointments are good examples.  Ask at your local pharmacy. You never know when you will open the diaper and see the beginnings of a rash, and the sooner you attend to it, the faster it will heal.

I hope this helps. If the rash/reaction does not clear, be sure to see your baby’s doctor. It is also possible that your baby is reacting to the brand of diapers you’re using. If so, a change to another brand may be helpful 🙂 Have a chat with your baby’s doctor and take it from there.

Have a good evening, folks 😀





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