Daily Health Tips: What Does My Semen Analysis Report Mean?

Q: Hello Dr, please will like to find out if am normal, here is the seminalysis report below;

ph: alkaline
viscosity; viscous
transparency; opaque
liquefaction; incomplete
motility & progression; 30% actively motile, 10% sluggish, 60% non motile
total sperm count 19m cell/ml
morphological sperm evaluation: normal 60;, abnormal 40; immature; nil
pus cell 5-7, Rbc 0-2, Epith cells 0-2

Thank you so much, I await your reply.

A: Several factors could affect the results of a semen analysis.  The results also vary from man to man such that results outside of the ‘normal’ do not necessarily mean fertility or having a baby is out of the question. Your doctor will work with you according to your specific context.

You have to be sure to follow all instructions given before the test. This includes abstaining from sexual intercourse for at least 3-5 days before sexual intercourse.

Using WHO reference values, a normal semen sample should fulfill the following:

Volume amount of sperm produced in one ejaculation): Greater than or equal to 1.5 ml

pH (whether acidic or alkaline. If less than 7, it’s acidic and greater than 7 is alkaline): Greater than equal to 7.2

Viscosity (being semi-fluid):  viscous

Transparency: opaque

Motility (percentage of sperm that move forward normally):  This should be more than 40%

Morphology (percentage of sperm that have normal shape): This should be greater  than or equal to 15% normal, oval sperm heads
Liquefaction (time taken for the semen to become ‘liquid’): This should be complete within one hour

Total sperm count: This should be greater than or equal to 15 million.

Pus cells should be less than 1 million/ml or less than 5/hpf

So, comparing this with your result shows that you may have a slight infection. This can be easily treated with antibiotics under your doctor’s guidance. There appears to be issues with liquefaction etc. However, we’re not in a hurry to confirm that a semen analysis report is indicative of a problem with just one result because the collection method may have been wrong, the semen may not have been examined soon after collection etc. So, discuss this with your doctor and he will discuss the possibility of another test and other issues.

All the best.

Have a great evening guys 😀

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