Daily Health Tips: Asthma, Life, Living and Death

Amaka Igwe is dead! I’m sure you’ve all heard that! For those of you who don’t live in Nigeria or Africa, Amaka Igwe was a film maker (writer and producer) and certainly stirred things up in Nollywood. She dared to stand up for standards and follow her dreams though she didn’t study anything remotely connected to the creative arts. I was a huge admirer, though we never met. I am always motivated by people who dare the odds and succeed.

So, stale news, it may be for ‘us’ but trust me, her family is still in shock. The anguish can only be imagined. The understanding that she will never be seen again, never give a hug, a smile, never walk through her house doors….it’s just heart wrenching. Despite the fact that I am a doctor, I still don’t have those ‘iron-curtain’ emotions that feel nothing. I cry more than the bereaved when I attend funerals and all day, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how fickle life is L

Well, again, I’m sure that it’s also not news that she died from asthma. Do you know what asthma is? Do you know how you can prevent attacks if you’ve got it? I will write a detailed post on asthma sometime next week. In the meantime for preventive tips for Asthma please click on the link below for details:


So, guys, go out and achieve your dreams. Indeed, start by dreaming big. Scratch that! Dream huge! And go for it. Trust me, if you want it badly enough, you’ll get it and even if you don’t you won’t be too far off.

Have a good evening, guys…and be sure to tell everyone you care about , how much you love them everyday L


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1 Response to Daily Health Tips: Asthma, Life, Living and Death

  1. Sunny says:

    Her death was a rude shock; terribly hurting! It goes without saying that a lot more awareness about Bronchial Asthma is inevitable and time is of the essence. We have a lot of sufferers among us here in Nigeria- and if i remember vividly, we lost a prominent political figure from an acute exacerbation of the ailment following an exposure to hurtful gas at a rally a few years ago.
    Suffice to say, ALL sufferers MUST ALWAYS have their reliever medications (usually the VENTOLIN INHALER) with them EVERYWHERE and EVERY TIME!
    May God protect us!


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