Daily Health Tips: How Do I Cleanse My Kidneys?

Q: Please I want to know,what should one who has been on antibiotics for long take for cleansing the kidney?
Thank you in anticipated response.

A: Okay, I’m not really sure why you have been on long term antibiotics. Were these prescribed by your doctor or are you just taking these on your own advice? If the latter is the case, please stop. As in my post of yesterday, taking antibiotics unnecessarily may lead to a situation called super-infection where the ‘good’ bacteria are eliminated and then the bad bacteria and other organisms take over and cause infections that may otherwise not have been problems in the body.

If you need more tips on how to keep your kidneys healthy, please click on this link and read more

Now as to cleansing your kidneys, please be careful. When I was in medical school, there was a story of a ‘doctor’ who offered people kidney cleanses. So what did he do? He would admit these people, put in a urinary catheter (a flexible tube that drains urine from the bladder) and give them diuretics (drugs that made people produce a lot of urine). These people would see loads of urine being produced and were assured by this ‘doctor’ that all the impurities in their kidneys were being flushed out in that process. Throughout this period, they were on intravenous fluids…probably to ensure they did not die on admission from dehydration 😐 I believe this fake doctor was eventually caught and tried.

So, the lesson in this is that your kidneys do not really need any fancy work to keep them nice and healthy. Eat healthy, exercise, drink sufficient amounts of water daily, do not abuse drugs and you should be fine. Read the post on keeping your kidneys healthy for more tips.

There is also a lot of talk about detoxification diets which focus on fruit fasts for various periods of time. Now, I love my 3-day detox therapies but note that these are not sustainable ways of losing weight or keeping kidneys cleansed. They make you feel great…probably because you stayed off processed junk for that period of time 😀 but ultimately, your body needs a whole lot more than this to survive. You need a balanced meal of all food groups in the right proportions, otherwise, you can do these fad diets for a while but then when the fall comes, it is catastrophic! 😀 For more on diet:



So, visit your doctor. He may want to check out your kidney function and confirm that it’s A-okay. The results will determine what further actions are needed.

Have yourselves an awesome day 😀

Here’s to a healthier you!

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