Daily Health Tips: Why Is My 2-Week Old Baby Running A High Fever?!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the amazing women and mothers, the world over! You all rock! Imagine a world without mothers? A sad one 😀

Be sure to reach out to your mothers today or people who stand in the gap for you as your mother(s) and your wives! Put a smile on a mother’s face 😀 Sometimes, it’s the inexpensive gifts that touch the heart the most…maybe a visit, a smile etc. My daughter just gave me a beautiful card (it’s a sheet of paper torn out of a book. She made patterns on it with her scissors and wrote stuff that tug at a mother’s heart!). And, with that awesome ‘card’, my day is made! 😀 I am walking on airJ

Now, you can probably afford more than a ‘paper’ card! Need some ideas? Click on the link below:


The question below is from a caring mother 😀

Q: Good evening Doctor. My baby is just 2 weeks of age and always has this high fever.

A: My baby sister just had a baby a week ago and she called me about three days afterwards to complain that the baby was running a fever. Now, I know my sis and how she likes to shroud her babies in layers and layers of warm clothes! You would almost think she lived somewhere in Antarctica as opposed to the hot tropics 😀 So, my first advice was to go remove all the unnecessary ‘chieftaincy’ caps et al that I was sure she had wrapped the baby up in. It was a busy day and I didn’t get around to calling her back later. When I called her the next day, she was very cheerful and said my advice worked like magic and once the baby was more lightly dressed, the fever disappeared! Magic, right? 😀 Maybe not! This is not a call to expose your baby to all manner of horrible weather, but really when it’s warm and you can clearly see the baby sweating, please do not make him/her wear a cardigan/jumper/sweater! 😀 I speak on behalf of all the poor can’t-talk neonates of Africa! 😀

Now, the above is a situation where there is really nothing wrong. However, fever in neonates can also be due to dehydration or infection. More importantly, your baby may look unwell. Be sure to use your thermometer to check the baby’s temperature.The average body temperature is about 37°C. If the baby’s temperature is higher than this, please take this baby to see his/her paediatrician to make a proper diagnosis and start treatment. Ensure that you tepid sponge the baby all the way up till the doctor is seen to prevent convulsions due to fever, especially if there is a family history.

Have a great day 😀

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