Daily Health tips: Any Link Between My Towel And My Health?

Someone asked me to write on how to maintain a white towel. I promised to do this last week…but failed. Forgive me. I will, however, talk about towels generally.

First, when you buy a towel, have you noticed how a new towel never quite cleans well but manages to linty residue on your body? Well, that’s because some towels come already treated with fabric softeners which make the fabric nice and soft…the original attraction to buying it; however, they also interfere with absorption of water. So, wash before use. It appears that washing without detergent, using 2 cups of vinegar takes care of this problem. Vinegar is available in any shop that sells baking ingredients and materials.

Ensure that you do not wash your towels with regular laundry. Apart from the fact that zippers, hooks and buttons can get snagged on it, it also transfers some ‘delicate’ germs to your everyday clothes.

Be sure to air dry your towels after use and after washing to discourage the ‘over-growth’ of germs in the moist environment. If you have a hot towel rail, that is good too.

Wash your towels in warm water…not hot. The latter can lead to shrinking of the towel. You know those towels you always wondered what happened to them? From being a full length towel that covers you up, it turned to a face towel! Perhaps, I exaggerate a bit! Well, now you know what happened to the towels!

Finally, despite the temptation to soak your white towels in bleach often, resist this and use rarely. Bleach leads to weakening of the fibres and with time, the towels are no longer as absorbent as before.

Remember not to share your towels, even for your children. All sorts of infections can be shared through this including skin infections, ‘sexually transmitted infections’ like crabs (which are technically not STIs since sex was not involved :D) etc.

Have a great day!

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