Daily Health Tips: Agbo and Malaria: a match made in heaven…or not?

Q: Many people take ‘agbo’ herb drink…especially Lagos people. What is the effect in the body?

A: I have seen people who swear by Agbo and claim not to have been to the hospital for ‘gazillion’ 😀 years as a result of the fact that they take this. This cuts across different social strata as I have met people in different strata of the society that use it. So, is it effective? This herb is thought to be effective against malaria, typhoid, sexually transmitted infections etc.

Now, I am always personally worried when one drug cures a multitude of things…it’s sorta worrisome. However, some scientists have done some work and noted that the original Agbo herbs have some anti-oxidant activity and so it could very well be curative of some illnesses.

But, the alcohol and other additives that are packed into it makes one even more sceptical about its usefulness in treatments except the aim is to knock out the person taking it 😀

Again, there are no specific dosages for these herbs and they are generally hawked in very unhygienic conditions. Some of the components could also pose health threats to children and adults alike if it is not known whether they are allergic to these components.

All in all, a lot of work needs to be done on Agbo, if it is to be accepted as a useful treatment for any ailment. This will help confirm exact components, dosage and possible drug interactions.

So, in the meantime, leave well alone…seriously 😀

I know you’ll all let me know what you think 😀

Have a great week ahead

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