Daily Health Tips: Should I Use Emergency Contraception As My Regular Means Of Contraception?


Q: Good morning, Doctor. Please as the subject states its rather an emergency. For the first time in 23 years of my life I had unprotected sex. I lost my virginity in the process due to my inexperience with things like this. I did not know what next to do. When I felt a bit strange, I decided to go for series of tests: Pregnancy test, HIV and ulcer. Only the ulcer came out positive; the rest were negative. After 2 months, I had sex again and it was painful. I spotted blood. Also, I quickly took a contraceptive and after three days I started having serious abdominal cramps and I saw blood like I was on my menstrual period and I had already seen it this month, that is, making it 2 times in a month. These cramps hurt like hell and I am scared. Please, what is theā€¦

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