Daily Health Tips: Why Am I Always Hungry Whenever I Sleep And Wake Up?


Q: After eating and I sleep, especially siesta, I become more hungry than I was before eating. I don’t know if it’s normal?

A: Interesting question! Well, it depends on what you ate and how long you slept too.
Generally, foods with a lot of fibre when eaten, absorb water and give the feeling of satiety (feeling full) for a lot longer. These foods cause less fluctuations in blood sugar when compared with processed foods. So, if you ate fibre-rich foods, you would not be feeling hunger pangs too soon afterwards.

If however, you feed on processed foods like pies, cakes or even starchy foods like polished rice etc, the release of glucose from these foods into the blood prompts the release of insulin which efficiently moves the glucose into the cells. This prompts the release of counter hormones which cause hunger pangs soon after one had felt very full.

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