Daily Health Tips: Pus Discharge From The Ear


Q: Hello Doctor, what could be the cause of ear pus? This girl of 4yrs has been treated with several medications with no relief. It smells a lot. Please help

A: Thanks for writing in. Ear infections can happen as a result of a cold (upper respiratory tract infection). Other times, it may not even be related to this. With infections, there is fluid build up in the middle ear. These fluids, as in other cases where fluids collect, form a rich culture medium for germs to grow. Pus then forms as the body tries to fight off this infection. The combined pressure of the fluid and pus can cause enough pressure in the middle ear and the ear drum to cause significant pain and difficulty hearing. There is also accompanying fever. The pressure can even ‘burst’ the ear drum with resultant drainage of pus.
The baby with this…

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