Daily Health Tips: Muscle Spasms


And a big welcome to the month of March! How quickly the year is flying by 😀 Be sure you are doing something about those dreams every single day 😀
Q: Good morning Dr. I hope you are fine. You’re doing a great job, Dr. Please I need your advice. Sometimes, I feel a little part of a muscle in a part of my body moving without me moving them. Like a spasm. Sometimes, it’s a muscle in my wrist between my fingers or in my arm. Some other times, it’s the muscle just above my eyelid, before my brow. It only used to happen sometimes before; but most recently, it’s become frequent and it got me worried because I feel it’s not normal and I have no idea what it could be. Please I’ll really appreciate your advice Dr. Thank You.
A: Thanks for writing in and…

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