Daily Health Tips: Should A Nursing Mother Take Lemon Water Or Lemon And Ginger Tea?


Q : Hi Doc. Please, is it advisable for a nursing mother to either take lemon water or lemon and ginger tea?

A: Just like pregnancy, breastfeeding may place some restrictions on what you eat, and drink. This is because the things you consume are passed to your baby through your breast milk.
Lemon and lemon water are beneficial to the digestive system as they have been found to reduce gas and bloating in both mother and baby. Ginger is also beneficial, as it has been found to improve lactation. Even though they may be beneficial to both mother and baby, it should be noted that these may interact with certain drugs and increase risk of gastrointestinal problems, stomach ulcers and allergic reactions like breathing difficulty, or swelling of the lips, tongue or face.

I would advise you talk with your doctor before commencing any of these or other herbal…

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