#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Staphylococcus!

Q: Hello Dr Ketch a test was carried out on me and my fiance and discovered we have Staph aureus some drugs were prescribed like Ciprotab, Fluconazole but I am still having symptoms. I feel I need a good drug prescription. Please does Staph aureus have a cure? Please, I need your advice.

A: Thanks for writing in. I get a lot of questions on Staph aureus infections and though I have answered this a couple of times, the fact that they keep coming means that it is a topical issue. I will make a few comments and then place the link for the last post I made on this topic here.
First, Staphyloccocus lives normally on your skin and nose (and mine too :D) minding its own business until there is a cut or injury that moves it from the skin inside the body.

So, it’s not necessarily a sexually transmitted infection but it can result in an STI if there is contact between an infected area and the genitals.

If the doctor prescribed Fluconazole, it pre-supposes that there was also a fungal infection noted. Again, fungi in the vagina generally mind their business until there is a condition that leads to their overgrowth like abuse of antibiotics, wearing tight panties, douching etc

Giving prescriptions and complying with it is one thing, but even if we take the right does for the appropriate number of days, if we keep leaving ourselves open to conditions that make us more at risk, then we will have recurrent infections. Personal hygiene is important in preventing Staph infections as they are spread by person to person contact and preventing conditions that encourage overgrowth of fungi will help prevent fungal infections. Please click on the link below for more on Staph and vaginal yeast infections:



I assume that a swab was taken from you for investigation. The most appropriate drug to use is the one that would have shown up on the results of the test ordered by your doctor. If this wasn’t effective, please return for an evaluation. If it turns out it is the same infection, take the drugs as prescribed and this time, be sure to work on preventing re-infections as this is very easy. Ensure that your partner gets treated too and observes the same rules.https://c0.pubmine.com/sf/0.0.3/html/safeframe.htmlREPORT THIS AD

And so, yes, it is possible to treat Staphylococcal infections.

Have a great weekend, y’all 

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