#HLWDK Daily Health tips: Why Do I Still Have This Pain And Is It Okay For It To Bend One Side?


Hello, Doctor. GOD bless you for the good work that you are doing to help us.
I am your follower from Zambia and really need
your help now.
I have two problems.
1. I got circumcised in 2012, and for the past
months I have been feeling pain inside my penis just before the head when the
penis erects. I have never had sex before, but I usually feel this pain when I
get an erection in the morning and when I am aroused. I am scared this could be
worse when engaging in sex with my wife when I get married Doctor.
2. My penis bends to the left when it erects,
could this cause me any problem to my sexual life when i get
Doctor, I have never opened up to anybody of my conditions,
I need your help. Thank you, and GOD
bless you.


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