#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Q: Good day ma’am, how can one treat blocked fallopian tubes & what is “polyp’?

A: I do not know if both tubes were damaged or how much damage was done to the tube(s), but IVF is an option. IVF by the way, means Invitro Fertilization and is the process of fertilizing a woman’s egg with a man’s sperm cell outside the human body. In the early days they were called test tube babies. Unfortunately, IVF is not a cheap procedure and you do need deep pockets and loads of patience because it may take a while. But, if you can afford it, please go for it. Do everything that improves your chances of having a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Eat well (more fruits and vegetables) and try to work out daily…even if that means taking a walk for about 30 minutes. Get support from family and friends and remain positive. Pregnancy is more likely to happen if you’re relaxed and focused on living a full and happy life as opposed to fretting about it.

Your question can also mean that you had tubal surgery and now wonder if you can get pregnant. Tubal surgery is usually done for people who have:

The decision to undertake repair with tubal surgery depends on the degree of damage. The doctor could decide to open up the blocked tubes with surgery or breakdown scar tissue that may have formed due to infections from PID. Again, pregnancy after this is not guaranteed and depends on the skill of the surgeon (ask for a surgeon who is specialized at this), the age of the woman, degree of tubal damage at the very beginning, the level of damage to the inner lining of the tubes which cannot be corrected etc

So, I suggest you book an appointment to see your doctor and have a long discussion on options open to you.

Remember that adoption is also an option to consider.

I wish you all the best and I’m giving you a huge hug with my heart right now 

On polyps, you will need to provide more details like where the polyps are located.

Good night y’all 😀

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