Daily Health Tips:Can Wearing A Tight Belt During Pregnancy Hurt My Baby?


Q: Doc, will something happen to unborn child if my belly is growing and I didn’t know that I’m pregnant and used belt for loosing belly? Can my baby die or become paralyzed?
A: Hello dear, thanks for writing in.
Generally, tight clothes or tying tight accessories on your tummy are not recommended during pregnancy…not necessarily because they hurt your baby (your baby is surrounded by fluid which sorta acts as a shock absorber) but because they are really uncomfortable. These tight fastenings like belts could exacerbate (worsen) the heart burn of pregnancy or worsen the compression of the nerves or blood vessels causing parasthesia….that sensation, known as pins and needles, numbness, tingling etc.
So, if you have just found that you are pregnant and are worried about the condition of your baby because you have been tying up your tummy, please go see your doctor. A…

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