#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Germ Hunting!

Have you ever wondered common places in your house where germs hide? People readily think of the toilet…but have you spared a thought for other areas or things in the house? Well that’s why we’re here! Let’s tell you some top hiding places for germs:

• Studies have shown that germs really love the kitchen sponge. Take a little moment and think about it and it may not be so strange! To disinfect it you could soak it in lemon juice or bleach, wash in the dishwasher or just hand wash it. Do this every evening after the night washing up is done.

• Your TV remote: This is a no-brainer right?! How many times do you reach for the remote control daily…while eating (with those very grimy hands), after having had a fumble in your nose, after rushing out from the toilet (before washing your hands) to catch the last few minutes of that show etc. Use some anti=bacterial wipes to clean your remote controls or add some hand-sanitizer to some tissue/kitchen paper and make sure you reach all the tiny nooks and corners.

• The bathroom and kitchen faucets. We touch them with those dirty hands that need washing and pay them no heed afterwards. Be sure to give them a good scrub every night before bed.

• Light switches and door knobs: Everybody uses them: children and adults alike and we smear with all sorts of germs. Guess what? They really thrive there.

• Shower curtains: Notice the colour change on your shower curtains after a few years of use? They come from soap scum and bacteria which have the perfect breeding ground given that these curtains get wet every day and stay wet. Wipe Down Curtain After Showering.

• Your gas cooker, micro-wave, oven etc knobs. We touch these very often in the kitchen and forget to clean them. Grimy germs make their homes there.


So, get cleaning people! Have a great weekend 

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