#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Embarrassing Farts!

Q: Good Day Doc. Ketch!!! I’ve got a Problem here. Please help!! Is is Normal for a Vagina to Fart?? Because this thing almost happens everyday

A: Vaginal farts are much more common than you may think. However, many women would rather not talk about it because, it may be somewhat embarrassing! Vaginal farts occur when the vaginal walls expand, pulling in lots of air, and then collapse back to release this air. They are usually odorless, in contrast to anal farts. It can happen with exercise, sex, and with sudden movements like getting out of a chair.

The treatment for vaginal farts is really the same as for feeling loose ‘down there’ after you just had a baby. This treatment is the usual suspect…pelvic floor exercise called Kegel exercise.

This is done by trying to hold your vagina together, tightening it like trying to hold urine. Hold these contractions for 10 seconds, then release for another 10 seconds. This should be done several times a day .You can do these exercises anywhere; while waiting on a queue, working at your desk or while watching TV. It may take 6-12 weeks of exercise to see results. These exercises can strengthen the pelvic wall muscles and help keep the vaginal walls from expanding. These exercises provide other benefits like facilitating childbirth, enhancing orgasm, and decreasing the chances of having a leaky bladder later in life.

Try keeping your legs together as much as possible, and also avoid using tampons when you are not menstruating.

The best advice is to think of vaginal farting as natural and fun instead of embarrassing 😀 However, please see your doctor if the Kegel exercises do not help and you feel the same way.

I hope this helps 😀

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