The 3 kinds of toys that really help your child – Harvard Health

You don’t need loads of money to get your children or nephews/nieces etc a great toy! No you don’t! Harvard Health recommends three types of toys they should have: 
‘Toys’ that help them use their imagination (blocks that can build different things they imagine or even writing materials so they can recreate those images from their ever-active imagination)
Toys that encourage interaction like ludo, scrabble, monopoly etc 
Toys that encourage movement like soccer, basket ball and roller/ice skating. For more details, click here:

Now about ice skating, I consider myself an open-minded and adventurous mum. We won’t bother asking my children what they think 😀 But I always drew the line at skating of any sort – I just felt it was an activity that could go wrong really quickly and disastrously! At one point those shoes, ‘wheelies’ or so were all the rage. My son talked himself into getting a pair but his mother (that would be me :D) would never let him wear them! I still see those shoes at home – spanking new. I couldn’t even allow him to give it out – visit that potential misfortune on someone else?! Mba oh! 
And so, my children have never skated….until last month when my second daughter experienced ice skating! Oh my! Y’all should have seen her trying to get her ‘ice-legs’. It was hilarious! Good news is, watching her, it didn’t look so dangerous after all. So the rest will now get their day(s) on an ice rink somewhere…fingers crossed! 😀
Have a fab weekend 🙂

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